Students who are enrolled in our Intensive or Semi-Intensive program receive a FREE membership to the Downtown YMCA fitness centre. This membership gives them access to sixty different group fitness classes and activities, including aquafitness, Zumba, kickboxing and tango. Since fitness classes are offered in French and in English, they are great an opportunity for students to practice their new language! 


We regularly organize activities for students and teachers to socialize in a more relaxed setting. Among these are ‘international meals’ where each guest brings a special dish from their home country and annual holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween. 


Throughout the session, we take students on group outings to give them a chance to discover Montréal and Québec culture, such as visits to museums and picturesque neighbourhoods, cinq-à-septs, movie nights, sports events and more.

We also invite students to explore Montréal’s unique cultural events, like the Jazz Festival and the FrancoFolies in the summer or Igloofest and Nuit Blanche in the winter.

If you would like to take a weekend trip to Québec City, Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Niagara Falls or to go skiing or kayaking, we can put you in touch our partners who can offer you travel packages that are adapted to your needs.