Swim Lessons for Adults

Safety mesures and procedures

  • Swimming lessons for adults will resume on October 13The programming will be published on our website on September 14. You will be able to register on September 21.
  • The number of participants during the swimming lessons will be limited to 5 participants to comply with physical distancing measures.
  • Swimming lessons will not be offered if participants are unable to keep a 2-metre distance from each other.
  • The instructor will teach the lesson from outside the pool or will stay at least 2 metres away from participants at all times.
  • Wearing a mask will be mandatory in the pool area.
  • Private lessons can be offered if distancing is possible.

The properties of water will bring a new dynamic to your workout. And, knowing how to swim can save your life — or even someone else's. Taught by certified YMCA instructors, our swimming lessons will give you lifelong skills to help you be safe in and around the water.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced swimmer, you can gain the skills and confidence you need to stay safe and enjoy the pool.

The YMCA offers the largest selection of swim lessons and aquatics activities in Québec, adapted to all levels and types of swimmers.

Swim lessons for adults

Financial assistance: a YMCA for everyone!

Because we want as many people as possible to access our programs, the YMCA’s financial assistance offers you rates that are adjusted to your income. Eligibility requirements are available upon request.

Tax credit

Eligible for tax credits for seniors' physical activities. Certain conditions apply.