West Island YMCA

New Partnership Between the Y and the City of Pointe-Claire

It’s official!

The transaction concerning the West Island YMCA and the partnership with the City of Pointe-Claire have been approved by the Y’s partner members and the city council. >> Learn more

Concretely, this means that all our community programs will continue to be offered on site and we will develop a fitness programming to complement the activities offered by the City. The steps to prepare the site, perform work, and proceed with recruitment will start soon.

We would like to thank all the members and participants who supported us in this process, specifically the members of the local advisory committee whose advice was invaluable.

At the West Island YMCA, you’ll find a wide range of community programs for youth, seniors, and people in the justice system, giving everyone an opportunity to gain new skills, explore new interests, feel connected and reach their full potential.