Meet the management team

Kate (Wawa), Camp Director

Equipe camps YMCA Jen

Part of the Kanawana family since: 2017

Field of study: Psychology (BA)

Camp work history: Counsellor and Activity Head (Archery and Canoeing), Senior Section Director, Staff Coordinator, and CIT Coordinator at Camp Ouareau in Saint-Donat, QC (2005–2014); Assistant Camp Director at Camp Sealth in Vashon, WA (2015–2016)

Favourite spot at camp: The gazebo patio between the JPL and Boating—that’s the best spot to look out over the lake and watch kids and staff out on the water, but still have the peaceful feeling of being immersed in nature. I also love that my office window faces centre camp and I can watch counsellors bringing their campers from one activity to another doing fun games or singing songs!

Catchphrase of the moment: “Make good choices!”

Likes and dislikes: Likes: Fresh peaches and corn on the cob. Dislikes: House centipedes.

Why do you work at summer camp? I love the opportunity to be working in the city as well as out in nature during the summer, and I love the community feeling that an overnight camp can build!


Kevin (KevN0r), Assistant Director

Equipe camps YMCA Ben

Part of the Kanawana family since: 2003

Field of study: Biology, Specialization in Ecology (BA)

Camp work history: LIT 2011, Trip Packer, Boating Specialist, LIT Director, Program Staff Manager, Program Director

Favourite spot at camp: The Log. Something about how quiet it is up there, and the way you can sit in the roots of that upturned petrified tree. It’s an incredible place to help create deep connections with the natural world for our campers. The beautiful setting makes it so easy.

Catchphrase of the moment: “Wainh”

Likes and dislikes: Likes: Fancy cheese and rainy days. Dislikes: Waking up at a “reasonable” hour.

Why do you work at summer camp? Camp has given me and so many of the amazing people I grew up with incredible experiences and opportunities for growth. Being able to keep that tradition going and get out of the city at the same time is too good to be true.


Sean (“SeanDay”), Regional Director of Camps

Equipe camps YMCA Guillaume

Part of the Kanawana family since: 1984

Field of study: BFA Integrated Music Studies (BA)

Camp work history: camper 1984–1986, LIT, Junior Counsellor, Counsellor, Canoe Guide, Section Director, Outdoor Education, Business Office Manager, Naturalist, Camp Director at Camp YMCA Kanawana and YMCA Camp Burgess. I have served multiple terms on the board of the Quebec Camping Association (ACQ) and the Canadian Camping Association (CCA) and currently sit on the CCA’s advocacy committee representing the YMCA and Québec camps.

Favourite spot at camp: For years I had the privilege of bringing campers and staff tothe beaver pond to appreciate the incredible beauty and diversity of life that lives there, as well my/our connection to all living things. In centre camp I would have to choose the dining hall, built in 1910 by campers and staff with wood from the site. It is the heart of camp where we sing, cheer, celebrate, and break bread together as a community.

Catchphrase of the moment: “Wherever you go, whatever you do, you will always be a Kanawanian.”

Likes and dislikes:  I love to listen to and write music and to spend time in the great outdoors. I have a hard time when people don’t take responsibility for their action.

Why do you work at summer camp? Camp is a place where campers and staff learn about themselves, others, and the natural world. We are constantly striving to create a value-driven and fun camp community where kids can reach their potential. My hope is that those who have passed through Kanawana’s gates apply what they learned at camp to make the world a better place once they leave camp, whether they learned through the fun times and/or through the tough times. Seeing the impact of camp on myself, my friends, our staff and our campers, including my own children, makes me feel like I am making a real difference. The positive impact is what motivates me to continue to work for the YMCA camps. The privilege of working with young people keeps me challenged and keeps me learning and young at heart.