26 days Voyageurs Ultimate White water 14-17

The Ashuapmushuan River was used as a trade route and a logging river from the late 1600s to the mid 1800s. In Innu, its name means “a place where one lies in wait for moose.” The water of the Ashuapmushuan travels some 266 km, mostly through the protected wilderness of the Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve.

This 19-day white water canoe trip experience offers campers a unique opportunity to improve their white water paddling skills and develop a connection to their natural environment as they paddle the river in its entirety from Lac Ashuapmushuan to Lac Saint-Jean. Campers will see breathtaking natural sights and canoe through a historically rich environment, all while participating in experiential workshops on topics such as camping skills, hydrology, and much more.

Participants will spend time at camp preparing for their canoe trip, as well debriefing their trip when they return from the 19-day trip. While on site, they will help plan the route, menu, and other aspects of the trip, and will participate in our annual Lumbermen & Voyageur games when they return to camp.

NOTE: For safety purposes, Camp YMCA Kanawana reserves the right to change the length and location of each trip. These will be determined depending on weather, water, and road conditions, as well as the overall trip schedule for each session. 
Canoe trips are physically demanding, and require a certain level of swimming ability. Camp YMCA Kanawana therefore reserves the right to refuse any participant we deem unable to cope with the demands of such a trip.  

July 24 - August 18, 2023

26 days - 25 nights

Price: $ 3 987 (plus a $65 tuck fee) + taxes

Eligible for tax credits expenses.