Équijustice Montréal - Overview

Équijustice Montréal - Serving the Greater Montréal Area since 1980 (Formerly the Impact Program)

When a person commits an offence, there are several appropriate measures they can take to repair the harm caused by their behaviour. Équijustice carries out these measures respectfully and fairly.

This process takes place under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) and the General Alternative Measures Program (GAMP).

The role of Équijustice Montréal

Équijustice supports the offender, victim, parents (if the victim or the offender is a minor), and community through the reparation process that has been chosen.

A fair and respectful experience

Restorative justice is a way to repair the harm that an offense has caused to a victim or the community.
It gives everyone an opportunity to participate in an open and respectful reparation process.
The 23 members of Équijustice promote justice and fairness by listening to the concerned parties, and supporting them through the reparation process.

To this effect, they:

  • Manage and apply the measures set out in the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA);
  • Manage and apply the General Alternative Measures Program (GAMP);
  • Manage and apply compensatory work measures for adolescents (ages 14-17) set out in Québec’s Code of Penal Procedure.

This program is offered from the West Island YMCA. 

For any questions and general inquiries:
Phone: 514 630-9864, ext. 5205

“Our services strives to support the offender, the victim and the collectivity in taking actie roles in the restorative justice process, to have lasting positive impacts on all parties involved.” 

Program coordonator