Équijustice Montréal - Community Mediation

Establishing a dialogue and finding solutions to a dispute

Are you involved in a dispute with a neighbour, a family member or a friend? Do you want to establish an open dialogue and find solutions?

We can help! Our community mediation services promote social harmony by helping people manage their conflicts through dialogue. The mediation process consists of a series of meetings that allow you to:

  • express your point of view freely;  
  • more effectively communicate with the other party;  
  • come up with solutions and reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties. 


  • creates a safe and neutral environment;
  • promotes direct and respectful communication;
  • helps participants resolve their own conflicts;
  • provides external support;
  • minimizes the impact of the conflict;
  • improves relationships.

Our services are free, voluntary and strictly confidential. Our mediators are volunteers who have received intensive and ongoing training in conflict management. We can not accept cases involving domestic violence, divorce and custody disputes or crisis situations.

We also offer training sessions and presentations on community mediation as well as workshops on communication skills to the wider community.

Community mediation is part of the Alternative Justice Program which is a member of the Regroupement des organismes de justice alternative du Québec (ROJAQ). 

This program is offered to Montréal residents by the West Island YMCA.

514 630-9864, ext. 5215

We had reached an impasse in our mediation session between two disgruntled neighbors. Then, the mediator changed tactics, writing details of the case on the blackboard. Apparently, this helped clear things up for them and minutes later, an agreement was being written up. There were smiles and promises to communicate better. We felt as though we were walking on air!” 

Noreen, Volunteer Mediator