Happy International Mentoring Day!

YMCAs of Québec - January 15 2021


Though you might not have heard about it, January 17th is a very special day.  As International Mentoring Day, it represents an opportunity for all of us to highlight and celebrate all forms of mentoring relationships, whether formal or informal. 

This year we are proud to announce that the YMCA’s Plusone Mentoring program has provided support and accompaniment to more than 150 youth through individualized mentoring, from coast-to-coast.  Every week, despite physical distancing, mentors and mentees met to play games, socialize and explore the ways in which the youth can continue to attain their personal objectives and ambitions. For the last five years, our YMCA and its partners across the country have welcomed youth, ages 10-17, into the Plusone program.

In particular we are honored by the support and commitment of our volunteers whose unconditional positive regard for our youth continues to promote their empowerment and growth. To them, we owe all our thanks.

Plusone is the YMCA’s mentoring program, but that doesn’t mean the YMCA is new to mentoring.  All across our programs, positive developmental relationships are developed with youth, peers and colleagues. 

We know it well, the support provided through positive and trusting relationships is all the more essential in this period during which we’ve all had to reinvent our ways of working, learning and socializing.  In honor of International Mentoring Day we invite you to think of and thank the people who have been mentors for you in your life.

Happy International Mentoring Day!